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Must-Know Nail Designs For Purple And Pink Nails Fans

Must-Know Nail Designs For Purple And Pink Nails Fans

Must-Know Nail Designs For Purple And Pink Nails Fans

Purple is seen by many as a complicated color. It is not that straight as red or blue and that is what makes it such an interesting choice for nails design. When it comes to pink, though, one has to admit that this color is winning over the world. People not only go crazy for it in their total-pink outfits but also in the domain of manicure and art. When these two colors come in interplay, you will most definitely get an unexpectedly good outcome and here is how! 


Pink and Purple Nails Designs

Even if it seems to you that these two colors cannot look stylish together, let us remember the well-known prejudice about mixing red and pink. It seemed impossible for deep red color to look good with one of its shades which was previously mixed with white. However, once a model strikes a catwalk wearing these two colors all the doubts fade away. The same works for nails too.

Below are some of our ideas on how to combine pink and purple for the design you always wanted to achieve: 


  • Purple ombre: this one is also known as gradient as it represents a transfer of one color into another. For instance, you may put a darker purple near the roots of your nails while the pink one on the tips of them. With the help of the makeup sponge smoothly smash edges of these two colors to ensure that one smoothly transits into the other; 
  • Mood nail polish design: this special polisher will change the color of your nails depending on the body temperature. When cold, your nails will turn complete purple. When warm or hot, they will slowly turn to be pink or even a bit lighter. Try this one if you look for some changes every day and you will not get disappointed; 
  • Leopard purple and pink manicure for two colors to look good together, one may add a pattern to them. Say, you want to leave some nails completely pink and other fully purple, to ensure this looks right you will have to add a leopard pattern to 1-2 nails and thus create a more sophisticated look. 


All in all, what makes us happier when choosing our next design is the variety of options and total freedom. Today, we can try and mix all colors just to see what works for us and what does not. This gives us a unique opportunity to express oneself better and in a more interesting way being simply a manicure. 


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