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Ideal Manicure for a Black Prom Dress

Ideal Manicure for a Black Prom Dress

Ideal Manicure for a Black Prom Dress

A modern, elegant black dress emphasizes the freshness of youth. Bright accessories will make this outfit especially stunning. After all, this kind of garment is a perfect base for your creative ideas. 

Manicure for a Black Prom Dress

Each detail is very important on this day. So before making a final decision on prom nails for black dress, you need to think over several important issues:

  • general style;
  • earrings & a handbag;
  • venue of the event.

Stylists give a number of practical tips on how to look irresistible on the graduation ceremony:

  • Almost all existing shades can be perfectly combined with black. Does it mean that you can paint your nails with any lacquer? Of course, not. Because your hands are a final touch in your ideal visual image.
  • Provocative acid shades will not be appropriate unless you want to scare your friends.
  • Drawings. This is a case when there is virtually no exception. The only rule is accuracy! 
  • If you want to be extra original, use the “exchange of colors.” Namely if you have a black dress with white dots, then decorate white nails with black dots.
  • Think about an option with rhinestones? This is, indeed, a difficult question. Even the opinions of the experts vary a lot. Some believe such solution looks very elegant, while others consider it to be a cheap chic. Try to go a middle way. For example, make a classic French manicure, decorating the tips with a few small sparkles.

Which colors would be the best for a big bash with your peers? Learn about some tips from a beauty industry insiders: 

  • Red and black are in the top list as the most vivid and winning alliance for an ambitious graduate. To enhance the effect, choose a red clutch or red shoes. This option is especially suitable for brunettes. 
  • Golden manicure for a festive event in combination with gold jewelry will create a rich image. 
  • Cherry blossoming tone implies nobility & refinement. A saturated strip on the nails will add charm.
  • Peach tone will make your hands look gentler. Especially it is suitable for young blondes, contributing to their tenderness. 
  • Purple – the color of wealth – will emphasize the grandeur of the image, especially in the ensemble with a black garment made of expensive fabrics.
  • Pink is a real classic. But experts do not advise using too bright shades of it. 
  • White will make a good contrast, but it’s better to buy a matte varnish. It looks more delicate and expensive.

Hope these practical recommendations will help to turn a graduation party into a really unforgettable holiday where you will be a superstar.

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