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Eye Makeup Ideas For Any Occasion

Eye Makeup Ideas For Any Occasion

Eye Makeup Ideas For Any Occasion

I bet there is one thing which you must have guessed, and this is which eye makeup works best for any occasion. We have an answer to this, so you better get ready to hear it check here! One may say it is simple eyeliner and red lips, other can state that beige eyeshadow work even better. What we found, though, is that the dream makeup working good for any event is simply a mixture of black and white colors though professionally applied!

It is important to note that eyeshadows make all the difference when it comes to creating a certain look or mood. Girls can either feel more empowered with brightly emphasized eyes or otherwise feel more vulnerable exposing oneself to greater attention of the public. Therefore, another important thing to consider before going all the way with colors and textures is how you feel and what do you want to show to the world in this very moment. 


Nothing But Black And White Eye Makeup

Once you have chosen the colors for the look, you have to get all the preparations ready. Make sure you have the base for eye makeup as well as mascara and eyeliners. These all are also very important as they help to finalize that look.

Here is an ultimate step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve a great eye makeup: 

  • getting ready for the makeup: if you apply makeup frequently, you perfectly know that the basic thing to do is to moisturize skin of the eye not to let the makeup get smashed;
  • getting started with a black pencil: such a pencil shall be of a creamy structure so that it is easy to apply it to the inner and the outermost corners of your eye. Do not try to be a perfectionist here as you do not need to! Your only task is to create a dark basis for the rest of the makeup to come on;
  • applying a matte grayish black eyeshadow: right after you have applied a pencil and smashed it a bit, you are ready to jump into the next step and pat the eye shadow gently not covering the main part of the eye; 
  • putting a shimmery white shadow: in order to lighten up this look a bit we would highly recommend you to apply a creamy white base which would work the best for the further application of the lighter eye shadow; 
  • finalizing the look with the eyeliner and the principle eyeshadow: this the very last step to make as your eyeliner should be of a perfect shape and not smashed in any way. 

All in all, with this makeup you can go anywhere you want be it a club or a corporate meeting. If this is not a benefit in your eyes, then you would better try it out and experience it yourself. 

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