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Going Shoulder Length Bob With No Regrets

Going Shoulder Length Bob With No Regrets

Going Shoulder Length Bob With No Regrets

Have you ever thought why cutting one’s hair short is almost always associated with changes? The reason here is that for girls and women hair represents a special value and effort in terms of care. Therefore, to cut it short will almost necessarily imply going through some tremendous life disruptions and changes thus reflecting those on the way we look. If you also feel this need to change something in the way you look, we have a very nice option – to go shoulder length bob! 

Bob is a hairstyle which will never be out of fashion. Owing to a variety of modifications that it allows for, it looks stylish on almost anyone. Since bob haircut gives you volume and shape, it works good for both thick and rare hair. Therefore, we highly recommend considering this haircut option for your next barber shop visit just to make sure that you have not missed it. 


Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles With Layers To Rock 

Given that going for short classic bob may become a rather big deal to many girls, we suggest option for shoulder length options. In case you want to get that feeling walking out of the barber shop, you do know which haircut to choose. The suggested length works well during all seasons and suits almost any face shape, so if you have decided to join the club of bob lovers, welcome and make sure you have fun! 

Here are our top suggestions for you: 


  • messy and textured style: this is a perfect pick for those with slightly wavy or frizzy hair. Given the appropriate treatment to avoid dryness, this hairstyle will look just right in shoulder length bob. To style it, you can simply wet your hands and use them to get that messy and textured look; 


    • layered caramel bob: even the most stylish and trendy hairstyle may look poorly on improper hair color. Not to let this happen, we recommend to add some caramel highlights to your dark or chestnut hair. You will definitely feel empowered through tender with this hairstyle; 
    • choppy bob: if you are nothing but a fan of sleek hairstyles, this one will work best for you. Choppy and a bit shaggy hair looks especially good in elongated bob. To shine even more brighter, try to add some interesting colors like gray or auburn  to the ends;


  • bob with highlights: in cases with a bit longer haircut, one color will usually not suffice. Especially, when you have a few layers of hair and that gorgeous volume. To get the utmost of them, we suggest trying to add some balayage highlights. Make sure to feel confident and attractive however you style it! 


To wrap things up, opting for a bit shorter haircut is always a good choice. This gives you that unique freedom of having shorter hair and being able to play with it the way you want to. Styling also becomes easy as for come looks you will only need your hands and a bit of water. 

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